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Group Account Director

Core Values:

  • Do the right thing even when no one is looking.
  • DNA that’s built on dependability.
  • Deliver the most creative solutions.
  • Insatiably curious and keenly intuitive.
  • Possess a drive that’s always in overdrive.
  • Do unto others.

Position Summary:

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The Group Account Director supervises a team of Marketing Strategists and Marketing Coordinators who serve as extensions of our clients’ marketing teams. Collectively, the team is a liaison between clients and the agency.

The Group Account Director reviews and approves all client strategies. When strategies are not present, he/she creates this strategy or assigns team members to complete this task for review. Ideally, a Group Account Director is not a client’s daily contact, rather reserved as a high-level manager of an overall account or group of accounts. Group Account Directors are responsible for overall budgeting of each account they manage. Specifically, they should strive to utilize all dollars available in the most effective way possible, while ensuring all campaigns and individual projects stay within assigned budgets. All budgeting tasks assigned to Marketing Strategists should be reviewed by the Group Account Director prior to being sent to client.

The Group Account Director has a solid background in mid- to senior-level marketing positions and/or demonstrated superior performance as a Senior Marketing Strategist or equivalent role outside of VI. 

Group Account Directors oversee Marketing Strategists and coach them to develop the skills necessary to advance to the position of Senior Marketing Strategist and Group Account Director.

The Group Account Director is responsible for growth and retention of their clients and employees, in partnership with the VP, Client Service.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for being the lead strategic marketing consultant to the client and is charged with the day-to-day management of team collaboration, team harmony, and big-picture strategic thinking.

  • Involvement in Management of Department:
  • Creating and achieving departmental goals in conjunction with the VP, Client Service.
  • Identifying optimal processes and establishing training procedures.
  • Ensuring staffing levels on their team are appropriate to deliver high-quality work at maximum profitability.
  • Demonstrating the VI culture and ensuring company brand standards are met by their teams.
  • Participating in monthly VI Directors meetings.
  • Setting the example of strategic thinking across projects and tasks.
  • Staff Development:
  • Recruiting, training and retaining marketing strategists and coordinators for their team.
  • Establishing clear performance expectations and career growth opportunities for each member of their team.
  • Writes and maintains development plans for team members in their group in conjunction with the VP, Client Service.
  • Enhancing VI’s Profitability:
  • Forecasting revenue for accounts within their group and delivering quarterly progress reports to the VP, Client Service.
  • Delivering leads for new accounts to the business development team and assisting with written proposals and pitch presentations as needed.
  • Maximizing opportunities to grow revenue generated from current clients.
  • Retaining recently acquired clients by properly onboarding and servicing new accounts assigned to their group – helping clients understand VI’s true value and solidify their confidence in the agency.
  • Producing case studies and award entries to support new business efforts.
  • Quality Control of Marketing Services:
  • Uncovering, documenting and concisely articulating clients’ brand positions and brand visions.
  • Briefing all internal teams on essential brand information in order to deliver effective, strategic work.
  • Working with marketing strategists to research target audiences, develop relevant personas and outline the customer journey to yield effective marketing.
  • Influencing the goals, objectives, target audiences, message and tone for all marketing communications within their group of accounts.
  • Equipping marketing strategists to effectively lead inter-departmental strategic planning.
  • Providing input on all internal documents that significantly influence the quality of work delivered, including situation analyses, media initiation forms and creative briefs.
  • Collaborating with internal teams to analyze and present data to demonstrate clients’ return on investment.
  • Reviewing estimates, quotes and unquoted invoices to ensure budget requirements are met and profitability maintained.
  • Reviewing major media and public relations plans, and creative strategies before submission to clients.
  • Contacting and forming relationships with senior client personnel.
  • Strategic Oversight:
  • Developing specific and measurable client objectives/outcomes and frequently reporting on progress.
  • Leading analysis of growth opportunities, budget efficiencies, etc.
  • Performing critical evaluations of client reporting and campaign performance.


  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • A minimum of ten years of integrated marketing experience managing traditional, digital, social, content, experiential and promotional projects.
  • A minimum of three years of experience managing a team or serving in a supervisory role.

Required Skills and Certifications:

  • Experience managing and mentoring a team.
  • Experience creating and managing budgets for projects covering all of aspects of marketing, public relations and advertising.
  • A thorough understanding of the agency process and agency/client relationship model.
  • Demonstration of strategic and critical thinking skills, including evidence of strategic marketing plan development.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with other agency departments to meet common goals.
  • Strong leadership skills needed to manage multiple team members effectively.
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and follow-through to resolve any outstanding issues.
  • The discernment to decipher between a sense of urgency and an important issue.
  • Strong relationship-building skills and the ability to work with wide variety of personalities.
  • Ability to positively lead and influence those in a reporting relationship while assisting and managing their growth within the agency.
  • Great presentation, analytical and time management skills.
  • Advanced verbal and written communications skills, personal organization and interpersonal dynamics are pluses.
  • Experience in Webvantage software is a plus.