Are you INTERN-ally motivated?
Maybe you have the stuff to be a VINTERN.

Confidence. Inspiration. Real-life experience. They're just three of the ingredients essential to success as a young professional. At VI, we're committed to instilling the skills and values that motivate young people to transform the world.

VI’s internship program is strategically structured to provide the most valuable experience to all VInterns. Broken up into 3 unique sessions, the program offers opportunities for marketers of all levels — curious students, eager beavers, marketing aficionados and everyone in between.

Regardless of your preferred position and session, all VInterns will learn, grow and develop meaningful relationships on a structured, methodical crash course in reality.

Fall Internships

Applications closed for 2018

Our fall session is a bit more casual. During these months, students are welcome to drop by for a tour, set up shadowing sessions and get a feel for what it’s like at VI. Interns will be accepted on a case-by-case basis and will work with mentors on a variety of assignments.

Applications will be accepted late Summer 2019.

Spring Internships 2019

January 14th – April 15th
Paid Internship

If you’re ready to make a splash in the marketing world, dive into our spring session. Admitted applicants will work closely with mentors to build career skills and execute professional-level work. It’s your chance to experience day-to-day life inside the agency. Plus, you’ll gain industry contacts, valuable experience and a portfolio of work. Oh, an added bonus? You get paid.

Spring applications are due December 14th. Apply below.

Summer Internships 2019

June 3rd – August 2nd
$500 Scholarship Awarded to Top Intern

In the summer, we offer a selective, comprehensive, 10-week program that delivers tangible results. Through the guidance and support of a VI mentor, each VIntern will complete a set of objectives within their chosen department. Plus, you’ll participate in shadowing sessions with all other departments — and a group project with the other VInterns.

At the end of this session, the top VIntern will receive a $500 SCHOLARSHIP. We call it the VIntern Ship award because, well, there’s a schooner on the plaque.

Summer applications are due April 15th, 2019. Apply below.

Spots are limited. Apply yourself today.

We are currently accepting VInternship applications for the specialties listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.